Welcome Stranger! 


I am happy you found your way to my webpage! Here, I upload all kinds of creative stuff, be it poems, reflexions, philosophical articles for you to read and think about. I have for a rather long time now been writing such things and decided to finally publish my work. My intention behind my work in general is to document my Life and to share what I understood.

Knowledge cannot breed, so we should help it along the way. That’s creativity.
— Christian F. Zimmermann

Being a native German speaker who has learned English, French, Italian and Russian (and a little Farsi) in his Life it will hardly come as a suprise to you that I also use these languages in one way or another in my work. That's why about half of my work has been in German and the overwhealming majority of the rest has been in English. So for those of you out there who do not speak German: You better start learning this language;)



Recently I began writing down poems as a way of processing what I experience, think, contemplate and most of all feel. Besides my reflexions poems are the second form of self-expression which I attempted regarding only my writing. As I said, I try to express and thereby understand what I experienced in these poems, so be sure to find lots of little insights into my Life.

My first poem:

When light is dark

When light is dark
And love is cold
What is life worth?
Let’s ask the old…

We don’t know either, they say.
We just survived the days, you know.

Meaning means but to be mean.
And Man is just the animal who tamed himself.
We are mediocre creatures
Grasping the illusion of infinity

Who are we to demand such grandeur?
We are, yes.
But nothing more.
And nothing less.

What of us now?
What shall we become?
What are we anyway?
Why? And how come?
Who can tell us anyway?

We’ll see.
Time’s not yet right.

Let’s hope!

Short Stories

While I began my writing with reflexive essays I soon came to a different genre being short stories. In contrast to reflexive essays short stories do not tell directly and exclusively of my own experiences and impressions, rather they are a series of impressions that tell of a larger developmental process of mine. In these stories I show pictures and impressions, that is I express and create more than I analyse and disect, as is the case in my reflexions.